“For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory” (Deut 20:4)
The battle was fierce but the victory is mine. O…sweet peace…
If you are a born again believer, in whatever situation, you are always the winner. This is not just my wish for you… It is God’s Word! Victory manifests in many ways, but all these ways have something in common. They spread the sweet powerful fragrance of Christ, the Eternal Victor. In times of trials the devil attacks with lies, mostly the idea that the battle will rage on forever and there shall be no clear winner. These are all lies!! The weeping may endure for the night, but morning is faithful to displace the power of darkness, with the songs of joy leading the transition.
At the Cross, the devil rejoiced to see the Son of Man defeated and humiliated. What he did not know was that ‘the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength’. Who said that? God says so! (Read 1 Cor 1:25). Jesus died for our sins, that we may be forgiven, healed and changed, to become the sons of God. If the devil knew that the death of Christ will become the tree of life for so many, he would not have killed the King of glory. But now it is too late, for the power of resurrection has destroyed even the memory of the evil power and shame of failure and death. Too late for the devil…
Child of God, Yes, there is a battle you have to fight. You can’t avoid it. For every spiritual gain, there must be a confrontation with ‘the strong man’ who keeps men in slavery. Do not beg the devil. He will not listen to your begging! Put on the whole armor of God and confront him! Engage him in battle and in the name of Jesus you shall win. God is on your side! Heaven backs you up. You have nothing to fear! You have nothing to lose! The victory is clear and sure. You shall not suffer indefinitely, you shall not weep unto the end. Sickness, failure, poverty, shame, rejection, slander… these evils do not last forever. God will not allow the power of the devil to continue in your life. It is morning time, victory time…the flag of the Cross is raised on the royal castle…the prisoners are free… the worship continues… The sound of revival is heard in this land! Be encouraged by the Holy Spirit! It is well with you!

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