In Australia there is the Nardoo plant, an edible beautiful water clover fern that’s made into cakes. It grows all over the place, in the lakes and swamps. The native people used to eat it when they are very hungry. The nardoo is very tasty and sweet but it contains no vitamins, no nutrients and no carbohydrates. It is a fake food! It has an enzyme that destroys the Vitamin B1 in the body. The result is a sickness called Beri-Beri. It manifests as weakness of the legs, palpitations, heart failure and death. The people who eat the Nardoo plant like it and feel filled, but eventually, if that is all they eat and depend on it, they will die. It does not kill immediately but with time, it is fatal.
Dear Friend, in the same way, religion alone may be interesting. Church going may be ‘sweet’ to your emotions. But if you feed your mind with worldly religious ideas, you create a fake spirituality. It has no power. It cannot help in times of need. It will make you proud and foolish. It will eventually kill your soul. You need to come to Jesus! You need to become born again! Do not settle for anything fake! The true original salvation bought by Jesus Christ with His Blood is what you need! Study the Bible! Pray daily! Start attending a good living church! Ask serious Christians to help you, teach you and pray for you! Seek until you find eternal life! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! God bless you!
(In the picture, the beautiful water plant called Nardoo)

Nardoo plant

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