“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom!
And in all your getting, get understanding” (PV 4:7)

Dear sister in Christ, for you to be happy in this world, you need God! You need wisdom. You need spiritual, mental and emotional balance. Your priorities must be in this order:
1st place: Your relationship with God! (Jesus Christ must be first in your life always)
2nd place: Your relationship with yourself (learn to know and love yourself. If you do not know yourself, you will a liability to others)!
3rd place: Your relationship with your husband (your office as a godly wife)!
4th place: Your relationship with your children (your office as a godly mother)!
5th place: Your relationship with your job, profession (your office as a Christian worker, business woman)
6th Place: Your relationship with others (friends, brethren in church, extended family etc)

If you put too much time in your carrier, for example, to the extent that your marriage or children suffer, that is not good. Or, if you give too much attention to your children, and you husband is neglected (which means is dis-honored) that is not good. If you love your husband more than you love yourself to the extent that you become foolish, that is not good. If you love yourself, husband, children, job or others more than God, that is called idolatry, It is a sin! You must repent and change! It is not enough to ‘try’ to do everything, to work hard from morning till night! You must respect the order of priorities. This is called wisdom. This is the Word of God!

Dear sister, Pray to have wisdom. It is not a natural gift. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit, a work of grace! Money cannot buy it! Men cannot give it to you! Grace is only from God! As an older woman, as a wife and mother, as a pastor and a doctor, this is my advice: Success is not based on your bank account! Success means to fulfill your God given destiny! Your destiny is to be a woman of God! No matter how difficult life is, never forget that! May your life shine with the glory of God! I wish you well!

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