We have just received a report of a miracle that happened at our church in Warri. We are now doing an evangelistic program in Lekki, Lagos. We’ve planned that more than 600 adults and children will travel from Warri to Lagos. For some weeks, we have announced in the church, that if anybody cannot pay for his way to Lagos, busses have been provided for a free ride. The church has paid for 11 buses. The first group left on Saturday, at 5 am. The second group left this Sunday morning. We made lists with the people so that we know how many will come. Yesterday, the free ride was for the ‘men of valor’ (the young men who work hard to rise the stage and lift up the loudspeakers). This morning the ride was for the ushers in the church and some other groups. Three buses were prepared for them. This morning, we were informed that as early as 4 am, a double number of ushers came to the church in Warri, with their backpacks, ready to come to Lagos. These men and women insisted that many years ago they were ushers in Father’s House. They left the church long ago and started attending other churches. Thru the media, they heard of this program. They now want to come back to Father’s House, to their former ministry and to work for God. They came ready to go to Lagos for the outreach. They forced their way into the buses and some of our ‘legal’ ushers were left out. Thru the phone, pastor had to calm them down promising that tomorrow, the last day for free ride, we shall add two more buses, to carry all the people left behind.

This story may bring a smile on your faces. Some say that this is ‘Warri style’ for a free transport. But I choose to look at it as a testimony revealing the mercy of God! When the trumpet sounds, the prodigals sons and daughters will run to Jesus. They will not be able to ignore the mighty call of grace! When the Wind of the Holy Spirit blows, before God shuts the gate, the backsliders will repent, and run into Noah’s Ark, to safety and to life! The song says: “God moves in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform”! Let’s give God glory even for the ‘strange’ things happening during revival! As we say in Naija: ‘Warri no de carry last!” In all things let’s give God all the glory!

“The kingdom of God has been preached and everyone is pressing on, forcing his way into it” (Lk 16:16)


  1. Mary Ann says:

    God can change a selfish heart if they press in and seek Him..
    I am so happy your outreach is going well, despite some bumps in the road.
    I pray God has something special in store for your ushers who were left out..
    God has said the first will be last.. 🙂

  2. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

    I am amazed at how sensitive to the Holy Spirit you are… Mary Ann… I bless God for your life and ministry! We ordered more buses and finally, every one who came and refused to go back, entered in. The outreach will start tomorrow evening! Thank you for prayer and walking the journey with us!

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