We are still in Lagos doing an outreach at Jakande Market area. The first day was good. The second day was better. The third day was the best. We praised God with songs and dances. We repeated the Nativity and Throne Room Dramas. Everything was wonderful. More people came today. Pastor Richmond Leigh preached the same message of salvation. He said that even if we stay here for one month, he will preach the same evangelistic message until all are converted. First of all he did ‘the ‘law work’, as the theologians say. He did not waste time or words. He told the people that ‘the wages of sin is death’. He told them that ‘all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’. He told them that they are sinners and that they need a Savior. He said that Jesus is that Savior! He asked the people: ‘Is anyone here among you who did not steal? Who did not lie? Who did not commit fornication, or abortion?… ‘Did you steal? Did you lie?’ They answered loudly ‘yes-o’. The people did not even hide. This is the advantage of preaching God’s word among the lowest of all. These men and women are among the poorest in Lagos. I can call them ‘the undesirables’, the forgotten of the society. They cannot afford to be religious hypocrites. That is a luxury! There are so many brothels and area boys here. The prostitutes do not hide from people. They do not pretend to be better than they are. It is hard to love them, or even to like them. But if you can see them with the eyes of Christ, you will be surprised to discover these people as the humanity the Savior died for. I observed that there are so many children running all over the place, playing in the sand. They look a little wild. But before the program started, they came and quietly sat down on the chairs provided. They look dirty and not well fed. But I saw the grace of God upon them. This was their ‘Christmas’. We came to bring them the good news that God loves them, that Jesus wants to save them. They drank the living words like people drink water.

Because of the grace of God, I will not be surprised that from among these children, the next president of Nigeria, senators, medical doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses and scientists will arise. I have learned not to look down on any child because God has the made them for His pleasure. Once the grace of God locates a child, He will keep him or her safe, even in the jungle. Many of these children answered the altar call. Pastor Richmond Leigh prayed for them. He also prayed for the community of Jakande area, that God will rise a politician who will care for the poor and speak for them. He prayed that the sick will be healed, the barren women will have children, that the jobless will have jobs. He also prayed for the ‘area boys’ that they will be truly converted. Their zeal to fight for survival will be used to serve God. He prayed that in 2020, peace and prosperity will be the mark in this forgotten community. For nothing is impossible with God. Pastor Richmond’s Leigh message was powerful because he mixed the anointing of the Word of God, with a rare to find genuine tenderness and kindness toward these people. It is the Holy Spirit who placed in His heart. This combination is unbeatable. Tonight, we declare that in the name of Jesus, the dynamite of the anointing of the Word of God has destroyed the strongholds of poverty, crime, hopelessness and prostitution in Jakande area, also called ‘the Sodom and Gomorrah’. Freedom has found a place in the hearts of men and women here. This is our story! This is our song! See you back in Warri! To God be all the glory!

“Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom He promised those who love Him?” (Jam 2:5)

(In the pictures, Pastor Richmond Leigh preaching. People, especially the children, listened attentively. Many answered the altar call)

Lekki 3a

Lekki 3b

Lekki 3c

Lekki 3d

Lekki 3e

Lekki 3f

Lekki 3g

Lekki 3h

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