“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” (Jn 1:5; NKJ)
Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! Child of God, you too are the light of the world. As you speak the truth and worship God, you shine your little light. The evil powers of darkness will hate you, and they will attack you. You should be prepared for these attacks. Is it because you sin, you lie, or you cheat? No! It is because you speak the truth and call the name of Jesus! But be strong and confident! Each time the darkness will attack you, it shall be defeated for your sake. Each attack against you, will give the Holy Spirit the access to free the ones you are praying for. Never fear darkness! Never fear foolish talk, ignorant comments or religious bullying. Light is always stronger than the darkness! Truth always prevails against lies! Jesus is the Captain of our salvation! He can never lose any battle! You need to see the defeat and the disgrace of the powers of darkness! Light must fight and win both in your mind and in your circumstances. Praise the Lord!

From time to time, remember how you got saved! A sanctified memory is a great weapon in spiritual warfare! For many years, the spiritual darkness looked so powerful and triumphant. Your doubts, fears, unbelief, stubbornness and foolishness seem like pillars nobody can remove from your mind. These were old strongholds of darkness that occupied your mind. Then one day, the battle was declared. You wanted to see the light. You wanted to know the truth. You wanted to be free from the bondage of sin and death. You became hungry for life! For eternal life! Then you prayed! You called the name of Jesus! The battle in your mind was almost unbearable. You thought you will go crazy. But one day, the light of Christ shone in your heart and mind. That moment in time changed you forever. This change of destiny is called salvation. It is the power of the Holy Spirit invading your soul. Immediately, your spiritual eyes became opened; you could see the truth and you became free. This sudden change is called revelation of God’s glory. It is also called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It cannot be bought with money, cannot be given by men, cannot be achieved thru a certificate in Bible school. It is the sovereign work of grace, of the Spirit of the only Living God. When describing man’s experiences on earth, nothing compares with it. The revelation of truth and salvation leads to worship and glory. May it be your portion! In Jesus’ name! Glory!

SLL 27

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