“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord… Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies” (PV 18:22; 31:10)

My husband and I are happily married for almost 46 years. From the many lessons gleaned in the journey of life, as a wife and mother and as a pastor, I share this word with you:

There are many women in this world, but very few godly wives. A virtuous wife’s worth is above rubies. This is not my idea, it is God’s estimation. It means that her price is very expensive. Rubies are red colored precious stones, in the same category with the diamonds. Historically, rubies have also been mined in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Namibia, Japan and Myanmar. The only countries in Europe that have rubies are Scotland and Macedonia. In the US, the only states where rubies have been found are Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wyoming. That is all! You can see, that this precious beautiful stone is very rare to find. Kings and queens use them as their jewelry. For example, the so called ‘Sunrise Ruby’ is the world’s most expensive gemstone. It was originally mined in Myanmar. It was recently sold for 30 millions US dollars.

Why this information? We are close to ‘Valentine’s day’. Singles pray to ‘fall in love’ with someone special. That is good. God created men and women for His glory. God invented marriage. Out of Adam’s rib God made his wife, Eve. She was created as ‘a helpmeet’ for him. Adam was created perfect and even then, God said that ‘it is not good for man to be alone’ (Gen 2:18). Adam needed a companion like him; having the same desire to know God and to serve Him. Eve was a holy ‘clone’ of Adam! Eve was created to help Adam becoming the man of God he was destined to be. Without a wife, it takes much longer for a husband to fulfil destiny. God made Eve as Adam’s Helper. Many look down on the word ‘helper’. It is a pity, for to be a helper is a great calling much rewarded by God. The Holy Spirit is our Heavenly Helper. In the same way, the godly wife is man’s earthly helper. The wife needs to love her husband, to understand him, believe in him, comfort him, support him, encourage him, rebuke him when necessary, guide him and cover him with prayers and the Word of God. They have children and together, they learn how to be parents before God. What a blessing! Thru helping her husband, by doing this magnificent work, she will find God, her identity and her fulfilment in life. God created the woman for the man. They can never be alone! Who can do all these holy works, except her who is born again, washed by the Blood, sanctified by the Spirit?

Dear brother, Adam did not need to look for Eve. God brought her ‘ready made’ to him. But now, a man must look for his wife, to find her. Remember the rubies? They are buried deep in the ground. They are hard to find. So, man must pray and spiritually sweat to find his treasure. A godly wife is not found on the surface of this earth. She is hidden. She does not advertise herself to marry well. She does not try to impress men thru her fashion style or by speaking many fancy words. You do not go to the fish market to find rubies. You do not go to the latest party in town to find your future wife. You go to the mountains and dig deep. You go to a good Bible church and find her who works behind the scenes so that others may shine! A woman of a quiet humble spirit is very precious in the sight of God. No man should choose his wife based on looks alone. They do not last! I am old enough to say that to you! Man must look for God Himself, for Christ, the hope of glory, located in a female body. That is his wife. Seek and you shall find. Get ready for a marathon of love. Have faith in God! He will shut all the wrong doors (of plastic cheap pearls) and keep open just one door for you. Behind that door, tired from a long journey of finding true love, against all odds, your bride is waiting for you! As for me, I rejoice in your dreams come true! Happy Wedding! Happy Anniversary! Happy Valentine! Love is the greatest!

(In the picture, ‘The Sunrise Ruby’)

sunrise ruby

8 comments on “FIND HER!

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Great advise Silvia.

  2. Good analogy… relating relationships to precious ruby gems πŸ€—πŸ’ŽπŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

  3. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Lovely message!!!!

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