“Like Joseph, in Christ, I declare that I am fruitful vine. My enemies have failed to destroy me. Their poisonous envy, criminal anger and wicked bitterness have failed to uproot me. My roots are too deep for them, holding to the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ, my Lord! I drink daily from the well of life. It is the secret of my ever-growing strength. No matter the seasons of life, during rain or drought, I continue to grow in knowledge and in grace. I never stop producing sweet fragrant blooms of joy and mature fruitful faith of the Holy Spirit. The branches of my influence run over the wall of limitation and oppression. My enemies surrounded me with their hatred. But by the power of the Holy Spirit, I overflow with wisdom and strength. Victory is mine! My children will be stronger than me. We shall bless nations!
According to the blueprint in heaven, I am a success story. Angels in training come closer to me to study the miracle change, from an earth crawling worm called ‘A nobody’ to a free colored butterfly of resurrection life. I serve the God called “Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Light shining in the darkness!” My boasting is not imitation. It is not a man invented song! It is grace speaking! I have been commanded to do it! For the glory of the King of kings! The Blessings of heaven above and of the deep of the earth are mine! The name Joseph means “Divine Multiplication”. The blessings of the breasts and the womb are mine. I am a mother in Zion! My children, natural and spiritual shall possess the gates of their enemies! When they open a door, no enemy can shut it. When they shut a door, none can push it open! The blessings of the everlasting hills are mine. The gold and the diamonds inside the hills, the riches stored in secret places, are hidden from the eyes of common man. But not from my eyes. That wealth is mine to find and use! I can never fail! hearing the trumpet of triumph, I can only move forward! From faith to faith I follow! From grace to grace I grow! I have done everything required! Therefore, I stand! This is my story! This is my song! In Jesus’ name! Amen!” (Gen 49:22-26)

SLL 32

2 comments on “MY CUP RUNS OVER

  1. Eva Green says:

    Amen, amen. God continue to bless you and transform you more and more into His likeness as you speak His truth xx

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