The geographical centre of London is called ‘The Charing Cross’. It is a major junction where six roads meet. From that junction you can find your way to any place in London. Originally, there was a humble stone cross there. In the 17th century, the Parliament gave an order for the humble cross to be destroyed and be replaced with a much more artistic monument befitting the great city of London. But the name ‘The Charing Cross’ could not be erased.
This is a true story: A little boy was once lost and a policeman, wiping away his tears, asked if he can take him home. The boy replied: ‘Oh, no, Sir! Take me to the cross and from there, I will find my way home!’
Like this boy, let this be our prayer: ‘Holy Spirit, take me to the Cross! Help me to see Christ Crucified and Resurrected!’ For that is the way home to God!
(In the picture: The Charing Cross junction in London, UK)

Charing Cross

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