“But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in Your hand…” (Ps 31:14, 15)

The Bible is filled with examples of delay. Abraham waited 25 years for the son he was promised by God. Sold into slavery, Joseph spent over 20 years in Egypt before being reunited with his brothers. The Israelites waited 400 years for liberation from bondage, then spent 40 more years wandering in the desert. Anointed by Samuel, David had to wait another 20 years or so before ascending to the throne.

For me, waiting was a very hard lesson to learn. I never knew that I was so impatient until I was told to wait. This impatience manifested as a turning of my ‘belly’… I will become easily distracted.. and even rude when I was waiting… The Holy Spirit had to do deep surgery in my heart. The result is wonderful. I now ‘love’ to wait. “Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end…” (Dan 12:12). The word ‘blessed’ in Hebrew and in Greek means to be happy, worthy to be congratulated. These days I don’t wait for men to acknowledge my spiritual efforts… I congratulate myself for being happy as I wait for God to move on my behalf. When I was impatient, my life became very short. I will jump over so many precious moments, desiring to see only the success at the end of a waiting boring fearful tunnel. But since I have been delivered from this demon of impatience I now love to wait…It is a miracle! I gladly number my days to gain a heart of wisdom.. I have time to admire the color of the grass (it is of different shades of green)… I give myself space to look around and see peoples’ eyes… I find ways to help the helpless… In between cooking the soup and washing the dishes, I am able to squeeze a freshly baked poem… even the salad is sweeter… Tomorrow smiles at me (it used to bully me with anxious things unknown)… My English is getting better… My heart is softer…

Waiting has increased my faith for I know that the Holy Spirit is with me… when things seem stagnant, I am not alone… I stand still I know that He who waits with me, is the Lord! And that is all that matters! Praise the Lord!

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