I hope that you are not tired of celebrations. We pray for more reasons to rejoice, especially in times like these. Ok, this is a good reason to praise God once more: Our youngest daughter, Jemine Leigh Oakes was born this day, some years ago… (I will not tell you her age). She was born at a time when we had a lot of financial problems. We were young, just coming from Europe. We worked as medical doctors in Nigeria. We trusted some bad people and we lost all our money. When Jemine was born, we were living in Warri, Nigeria. In fact, we could not afford to go to a private clinic. I delivered her at home, in the living room. Her dad, who is a doctor, delivered me that early morning at about 5 am. Her arrival into this world came with a flood of blessings. People came to visit us and gave us gifts and money. They encouraged us to start afresh. That is how we started Lily Clinic!

From her first breath, Jemine had a melody in her voice. She was beautiful, bold and confident. She was a ‘Warri Girl’. She loved singing and dramatizing. I still remember one day, a musician told us: ‘do you know that your daughter can sing? Really sing?’ Her father and I were surprised. We did not take her seriously. But it was true. She had a good voice and a good musical ear. She also had a good memory (she could remember the words of many songs and the exact key to play the tunes).

She became born again as a teenager. She is a woman of faith! She prayed to marry a man of God and she did! She married dear Matthew Oakes. They have two sons: Olver and Emory.

In the past, I had some inferiority complexes about my work and ministry as a mother. But today, looking at our children and grandchildren, I have to admit that God blessed us beyond any dream I ever had. I am a proud mother! God bless you, Jemine! With the blessings of Christ! You are a child of Covenant! Whoever blesses you is blessed!

(I use Jemine as a godly point of contact to bless all of your children! In Jesus’ name!)

(In this video clip, Jemine worshipping God at her church in Woodlands, near Houston, Tx).


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