“Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who keeps on asking receives, and he who keeps on seeking finds, and to him who keeps on knocking, it will be opened” (Mt 7:7, 8; AMP)
Child of God, please give attention to these words. Read, meditate, and obey them! You will be surprised at the treasure that is stored within. These words are the commands of the Captain of our salvation, our Lord Jesus Christ. These three verbs are different levels of prayer. They have two things in common: 1-God will surely answer the prayers made to Him and 2-You must repeat these prayers until the answer comes. For example: it is ‘ask and keep on asking’… seek and keep on seeking’… knock and keep on knocking’…
*ASK – The simplest prayer is to ‘ask’ God. This prayer can be made anytime, anywhere. Make a request to God in the name of Jesus! Have faith that your Father in heaven hears you and shall answer you! Pray not only for material visible things. Pray for wisdom, for favor with God and man, for health, for courage to live the Christian life. If you ask amiss, God will re-direct your prayer. But fear not! Continue to pray! Be humble and bold enough to ask God!
*SEEK – The second level of prayer is to ‘seek’ the answer, to seek your miracle. The word ‘seek’ directs our attention to a journey. It involves time, energy, and resources. You pray in spot A and the answer to your request is in spot B. God will not carry your answer to spot A. A lazy man cannot seek anything good. Pray for strength and focus to find your miracle and not to abandon your seeking. Seeking is not a simple act, it is a process, a series of acts. Jesus says that there are areas of life that require more than asking; there must be seeking, searching. Something is lost, hidden from us, and prayer then becomes a search, a plea for insight, for understanding, for an unraveling of the mystery with which we are confronted. God will be with you during the seeking. This prayer will help you know God better. For example, Hannah did more than ask God for a son. She went on seeking for her miracle, for her son. This is how Samuel was conceived and born, to the glory of God! The devil will try to discourage you, to make you backslide from the way of seeking your healing, your fruitfulness. Do not make the devil happy! Seek and continue seeking God and the answer to your prayer. God promised that you shall not seek Me in vain! (Is 45:19).
*KNOCK- The third level of prayer is ‘knock’. This prayer describes a hindrance. There is a door in your front. You must knock and keep on knocking. Nobody knocks just once and goes to sleep. Knock until the Person from behind the door (God) opens the door for you. This is called a breakthrough. To experience it you need to do spiritual warfare. You need strength to continue to bang at that door that separates you from your dream come true. Have faith! The knocking is not forever! It is just a season! Once the door opens, you cross over into another realm. For example: a poor man passing thru this door becomes rich. Wealth is another realm! For a barren couple to have a baby, that is another realm! For a single man or woman to get married, that is another realm! A proud man complains! A humble man prays! May the Holy Spirit help you and build you up as you pray to God! The miracle is sure! I share in your joy! Glory of God! In Jesus’ name! Amen!
SLL 56

One comment on “ASK, SEEK, KNOCK

  1. There’s a short word for these 3: ASK (ask,seek, knock). Great post.

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