But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,

And He who formed you, O Israel:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by your name;

You are Mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.

When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,

Nor shall the flame scorch you.

For I am the Lord your God,

The Holy One of Israel, your Savior” (Is 43:1-3)


Good morning precious brethren, faithful saints in Christ Jesus (especially the brethren in Father’s House Bible Church). This is Malia again! I am here to encourage you with the encouragement I have received myself. I cannot wait until I am fully healed before helping you. The daily dose of strength I receive I share with you. I am a mother at heart. I feel for you! Every day I sense a new level of grace, entering my heart, my mind, my body. This is a new strength that I have never experienced before. As I encourage you, I encourage myself. As we share in the pain, we shall share in the victory. Just hold on! Keep trusting Jesus! It will get better with time…


Some brethren called me that they struggle with fears and anxieties of life. I do too… What can we do? As with all problems, the solution is found only in the Word of God. The Bible is God’s opinion. God never changes. His Word is always the same. We should read our Bibles even more and with greater faith. We should ‘eat’ the Word! It is food and medicine for the spirit! Between the pages of the Bible you will find all you need to live a godly, happy, successful, and fulfilled life.  


Read the scripture above in Isaiah 43. God, our Creator, and our Sustainer speaks to us, His children. He promised to always be close by, an ever-present Helper in times of need. God, the Holy Spirit is closer to you than your very breath. Never see God as far away, as difficult to please or erratic in behavior. That is a lie! The Bible reveals God to be a true Father to His children, compassionate, faithful, strong, all wise, and loving beyond what words can say.  As you see here, God Almighty, the God of heavens and the earth, has promised us that troubles will not destroy us. He never said that life will be easy. He never said that challenges will never come, that pain may not attack from time to time. But He has promised to walk with us thru the pain, thru the storm. This is my present testimony: I sense the Presence of the Holy Spirit. He works in me. He is with me. My pain is still great, but I am not alone with my pain. Jesus, who lived as a Man on earth, He knows, and He understands. The Comfort of the Holy Spirit is my greatest medicine now. The Holy God is commanding us to ‘fear not!’. Fear can never be my friend, my master, or my God. Jesus Christ is my Savior and my God. Therefore, I will not be afraid of men may do to me, of the future, of sickness, of untimely death, of poverty, of loneliness or of the future.


In Christ I declare:

Jesus died for me to save my soul. Jesus is my Covenant Redeemer! I am bought with His precious Blood. Jesus wrote my name in His Book of life! He is my good Shepperd and He calls me by my name.  I am His little Lamb following Him! The waters of troubles will not overflow me! I will not drown in my sorrow! The fires of trials will not scorch me! My faith is purified and made stronger even right now! I am eternally saved by the Lord Jesus Christ!  I reject all fears and I open by heart to be filled with the Holy Spirit again! In Jesus’ name, amen!


This morning I choose to trade all my fears for greater faith in God! “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You” (Ps 56:3). I reject fears! In their former space in my heart, I plant faith and peace and joy! May the good harvest give honor to God! Dear children, be fear free! By the power of the Holy Spirit it is possible to live a life free from the torments of fear. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! I love you all! Stay blessed!



(Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh, 17-07-2020)

One comment on “FEAR NOT FOR YOU ARE MINE!

  1. Doofan says:

    No fear, only faith and praise! Thank you Lord.

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