Yesterday, my dad (Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh) went to be with JESUS. Many have been impacted by my dad, many many sons and daughters across the world. He was a great man. My dad gave his entire life and all he had to bring glory to Jesus. He always pointed me to Jesus, he inspired confidence in me. He taught me to love the way JESUS loves. It was because of my dad’s strong encouragement that Matthew and I decided to move forward with opening our business. He said Matthew reminds him of himself, an innovator, always working and tinkering. With his last breathes, he tried to sing songs of love to Jesus. He wasn’t able to sing because he kept loosing his breath so my mom, while holding his hands the entire time encouraged him to just whisper and he kept saying “I love you Jesus” over and over… and finally he said “to God be the glory.” Those were his last words. Those words truly bring his great life here on earth to a strong conclusion. My dad pastored Father’s House Bible Church. A house of praise and worship in Nigeria. A spirit-filled and spirit-led church. Many people have been with my dad since the inception, since both my parents decided to leave their medical practice and give their lives to spread the good news of Jesus. To my brothers and sisters at Father’s House, I honor you… I am praying for you… my dad loved you so much and I know you loved him and you love my mom. Thank you.

This has been the hardest pain of my life. I am very close to my dad. I talk to him almost every day. He would talk on video FaceTime to Oliver about all the things Oli loves, like animals, Oli calls him his best friend and that’s how my dad referred to Oli too. They were best friends. His passing was abrupt. Everything inside of me hurts… but peace reigns. God is faithful! God is good, and He is glorified even now. To God be all the glory.

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