How can we deal with this problem of selfishness? Love is the solution. The Agape love of Jesus is the cure against all pride, immaturity, and self- centeredness. If you have a problem with selfishness, the way to solve it is to be absorbed by someone else, to think how to help and care for another. By doing this, by investing in another, without you knowing it, you will forget about yourself, you become humble and you start worshipping God. People who ‘fall in love’ will tell you how love made them forget about themselves. Multiply this ‘falling in love’ by infinity, gaze long at the face of Jesus, and catch something of His glory. It will reflect on you. It will change you. You shall discover that salvation is not just forgiveness of sins, not just getting free from the wrath of God. We are free but not only to enjoy material prosperity; to build houses, buy cars, and enjoy ‘good life’. Salvation goes far beyond these temporal benefits. Jesus lived and died to reveal the Father’s love to us, to manifest the glory of God on earth. Jesus died on the Cross so that we live a new life, to be changed into His image. This selfishness relates to ‘slave or poverty mentality’. The selfish lifestyle hates to give glory to God.
For example, prisoners are released from prison. Some go out of the prison’ gates and have nobody to help them. They are free but they are alone. Like we say in Nigeria, ‘you are on your own’. But others, after they are released, they are taken by a limousine car to the palace of the King. These are the children of God. You are free from prison and now you become servants to the King Jesus. Once you enter the palace, all your needs are met. In the palace, the glory of the King overwhelms you, it will change you. You are not only free, but you are also made whole. You have a new vision of life. You have a glimpse of a new hope and glory in the future. You learn to love as you are loved. As you can see, the greatness of our salvation is derived from the greatness of our Savior and His glory. The effect of the glory of God on me is that I forget my petty problems and now, I can worship the King of glory getting lost in the ocean of His love.
(From my husband’s notes, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh)

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