This morning I received this letter. It is from one of our daughters in the church. This testimony is given to the glory of God, for the defeat of the devil and for the encouragement of many! Read, pray and be blessed!

“Happy new year to you Malia!  We thank God and give God the glory for a wonderful start this 2021, to God alone be the glory. Malia I wanted to share my testimony of God’s graciousness and mercy over my life and family. To God alone be the glory. I want to thank God Almighty for yesterday’s service, I truly thank Him for your life Malia, you are a blessing to me, family and the church that is beyond human understanding.  Thank You Jesus!  I recently had severe dental aches and been in and out of the dentist for quite some time.  Yesterday, before we closed you asked for those who had a form of illness to stand. Though I couldn’t cause I was carrying a sleeping child I lifted my hands up in faith, prayed that God will not allow me carry over any pain\ache into 2021. When we got home, I made something to eat because I hadn’t really eaten much through the day due to the pain.  I ate without remembering the pain. In fact, there was no pain at all.  To God alone be the glory, I will forever praise and worship Jesus, the only KING FOREVER.  He is teaching me to trust Him more and more each day with every detail of my life\family.  I love you Jesus!  

Also Malia I give God the glory for his immense kindness, sustenance, and provision over my family and I! To the glory of God, late last year he provided in ways that are past finding for my husband and I to buy  a land!  Praiseeeeeee the Lord!  My husband also reminded me that Tali prayed that we will all buy land and build our own homes.  To God alone be all the glory! Lastly, I want to thank God for how He has covered\healed my entire family last year. My children are drawing nearer to God.  Whenever my children are doing house chores, especially the younger one, she would pray that the Holy spirit will cover us, and that God will bless uncle Tali and aunty Malia. 

Take all glory Lord Jesus!  The worship continues…

Your daughter…”

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