“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4)

Yesterday, I received this wonderful testimony, how the Holy Spirit filled a sister in Christ. She is a committed Christian, a godly wife and mother. As a mother in Christ and pastor, it gives me great joy to see that more and more brethren come closer to the Lord Jesus and love Him more than material gifts! I use her testimony as a point of contact for others who desire to walk by faith and not by sight! Once you are born again, you desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you block all distractions and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ alone, in an humble attitude of worship, you can have the same experience! This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the defeat of satan and for the encouragement of other brethren! Praise the Lord!

“Good evening Malia! I am grateful for today and most especially for the Word of God through your teaching each week. I believe the Word was for me today. These series on Faith, hope and God’s promises have been an eye opener, I hunger for more Faith in God. To God alone be the glory. Each day I look forward to spending quiet time with my heavenly Father. For me it’s not how long or short, but only the privilege to have the alone time with Him. Malia I want to share my testimony of God’s power and mighty presence upon my life today, it is to the glory and exultation of God. In church today, when you prayed and asked us to pray, thanking God for what he has already done and that we shouldn’t be ashamed or look right or left at anyone, but on the Lord, at that moment I asked the Lord that all I wanted and needed was him, in my life (all of Him and none of me) and family. To the glory of God, his power filled me up. Malia it is an experience I desire to fill every moment of my life, I lost all control, no restrictions/inhibitions, only the flow of God’s sweet presence. I feel at peace and joyous knowing that King Grace is King over my life Forever. Thank You Lord Jesus! To God alone be all the glory and honor and adoration! Your daughter…”

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