“Whoever does not persevere and carry his (her) own cross and come after (follow) Me cannot be My disciple.” (LK 14:27; AMP)

This is the true gospel we preach: Christ died and rose again with and for me! It is my holy duty and highest privilege to follow my Master everywhere He goes! Like the sheep follows her shepherd, so I follow my Lord Jesus Christ! I do not know the way! But I know Him who is the Way! I do not know what tomorrow may bring! But I know and follow Him who not only knows my tomorrow, but who has designed it for His glory and for my good! I refuse to listen to strange (sweet) voices coming from ‘the bush’ of life. My ears are circumcised. Blood surrounds them and seals them. They are tuned to respond only to Him who died that I may live! I carry my cross daily. The weight of my cross stabilizes my emotions, balances my desires, kills my impatience and helps me to become strong. Without my cross, the flesh will manifest. I will become overactive and foolish. Just as I pray for my daily bread, so I need my cross daily. Both bread and cross they give me strength to live and courage to overcome all obstacles.

Dear lambs, let us follow our Shepherd! It is well with us! Glory to the Lamb who was slain that we, the sheep of His Pasture, may live!

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