“Lord Jesus, when my eye confronts my heart, and I realize that You have filled my heart with Your love, I am breathless with amazement. Once my heart was so small in its vision, so narrow in its compassion, so weak in its zeal for truth. Then You chose to enter my heart; and now in my heart I can see You, I can love all Your people, and I have courage to proclaim the truth of Your gospel to anyone and everyone. Lord Jesus, like wax before a fire, my heart has melted under the heat of Your love.”

These words were written by Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf (1700-1760). He was born in a noble wealthy family in Austria. He was a German religious and social reformer, bishop and founder of the Moravian Church who sent many missionaries all over the world. Count Von Zinzendorg was a major figure of 18th century Protestantism. He was strongly against slavery. He left his exalted court position in Germany to become a spiritual leader with the Moravians. He composed many hymns. He was a great preacher of the Gospel. He suffered much persecution for his faith. The Moravians influenced John Wesley to become born again, planting the seeds of revival all over the world.

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