Jesus said: “How often I wanted to gather your children together [around Me], as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling” (Mt 23:27; AMP)

Christianity is like ‘a native’ hen with her chicks. Have you seen one? I heard that the mother hen has four types of sound when she calls her chicks. The first one is the sound of ‘come and eat’. When she finds a nice meal on the ground, she never eats it alone. She calls her children to eat with her. She also trains them to find food for themselves. The second sound is the call of ‘Play is over! Come and sleep’. They come under her wings and they sleep peacefully until tomorrow. The third sound is the call of protection from danger. When she sees a hawk flying around, she calls them saying: “Come immediately! Now!” She calls them to come under her wings, to hide in the shelter under the threat is gone. If the hawk comes down, she fights for her chicks even unto death. Fourthly, there is the sound of love. She says: “Come my beloved! I miss you! I love you! You are the best!” Love is more than food, sleep or money! Love is the extra, the spice of life! The chicks are well fed, they have played enough with each other, there is no danger, just peace. There is no problem! But the mother hen knows that her children need a reminder that they are loved and that all is well with them. Finally, let me not forget! The cock is there too, covering them all with his strength, leadership and love!

Religion is like ‘agric’ chicken. Have you seen a poultry? The eggs are all the same. The chicks hatch under the artificial light of a bulb. These chickens they look ‘cute’ but that is all. They are foolish. They do not know their parents. They live only to be sold and eaten. They are somebody’s business to make money.  The saddest part of the story is that the ‘agric’ chicks will never know the sound of love. Many churches are like this: religious ‘business centers.’ There are many people who go to church, they are deeply religious, they say that they are saved but they are not. They feel lost, sad and lonely even in the church. But they hide their feelings. Jesus is calling you… Love is calling you… Are you willing to go under the everlasting arms of Jesus? Are you willing to receive and give love to Him? For He loved you first! And only love sets you free indeed!

May the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth! For Truth is a Person and His name is Jesus Christ! Jesus died and rose again, for you! Blessed are you if you are truly born again! Protected by God the Father, Loved by the Lover of your soul and Led by the Holy Spirit. May your heart sing! May your liver smile! For there is no greater love than this! Give God praise this morning!

(The picture bellow is from the internet)

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