“Enjoy life with your beloved wife all the days of the fleeting life that God has given you under the sun—all your fleeting days. For this is your portion in life and in your labor under the sun” (Ecc 9:9)My husband and I, we just came home from a Wonderful vacation! One reason why we travel together is to create memories. When we come back home we have many things to remember and talk about. This is a good advice for the married couples: as much as you can, travel together! Share the joy of seeing and experiencing new things! Do not always take the children along. Your children will not always be with you. Marriage was before the children came. Cherish your marriage! Beautify it the best you can! Keep the romance hot! Talk good and sweet words to one another. Laugh together! Eat together! Sleep together! Help one another. Do not stay far from each other for long periods of time. Talk heart to heart! Correct in love. Encourage and pray for one another. This is what we do for more than 43 years. It has worked for us. By the grace of God it will work for you! To God be all the glory! (July 2017)

(In the picture, my beloved husband, Richmond Sisan Leigh, and I, in Monaco; July, 2017. He is in heaven now and I on earth. But the glow of these precious memories keeps my heart warm. I see that our love cannot die! Even death must bow to true love! To God be all the glory!)

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