‘Prayer is the recipe for mental and emotional health. Pray about everything! Pray about ‘the ordinary’ things of life! ‘Talk to Me about ALL your concerns’- says God!

Anxiety kills your prayer life! Anxiety should be replaced, step by step, with an active, diligent, spiritual effort to pray! God wants you to talk to Him! Think healthy! Think about Jesus! Find Him inside all lovely, precious and beautiful things… Force your mind to think well, to dwell on the Word, by the power of the Spirit… Reject sinful thoughts immediately! Eventually, you will end up with peace and joy, thanksgiving, worship and a wonderful life style of prayer.
Anxiety and prayer are opposites. Chose prayer and anxiety will go away leaving behind a mind and a heart fully protected by the peace of God ‘that passes all understanding’. This peace of Jesus is high above all common sense, much more than words can say. You shall encounter the God of that peace, the Prince of Peace Himself!

Question: what happens when you pray? Look at our Lord! When our Lord Jesus prayed, the heavens opened! The Spirit came down with His infusing power from above. The Father spoke into His life, like only a Father could speak: words of love, of family identity and confidence, of assured future and destiny. Prayer was the invisible foundation of the successful ministry of God’s Son on earth (Lk 3:21-23).

The intimate relationship with God, prayer and thanksgiving, these are foundation stones in your Christian life. The secret of success is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He gives you contentment, peace, joy, divine wisdom, divine health, anointing for ministry and favor with men. Prayer is the source of power to remain active, to prosper and be fruitful in all situations, especially in the difficult ones. Prayer changes you and your surroundings. Prayer makes you to be like Jesus! What a privilege!

‘Practice what you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and model your way of living on it, and the God of peace (of untroubled, undisturbed well-being) will be with you’ (Philip 4:9, AM)

(In the picture a little girl from our church in Nigeria, praying to God)

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