A dear sister from the church sent me this wonderful testimony. After many years of struggling, spiritually and financially, I see the rain drops of mercy and grace on her and her family. I can testify that she is paying the price for spiritual maturity. She attends church activities. She serves God the best way she can. Oh, I am so happy to see that our sheep and lambs are maturing in Christ! Read and be inspired! She will read your comments! To God be all the glory!  

“Dear Malia,

God bless you mother for the great n mighty works He is using you to do, and God bless Tali in heaven for laying a very solid. Concrete foundation in d heart of each of his children that even in his departure the fire is burning even more. His teachings echoes in our hearts even more now. To God be all the glory!

I have so many testimonies to share but let me share these few ones. During resumption of service after the covid, I was finding it difficult to take the 4kids especially to weekly service alone.  Then I had a dream and saw u telling me to be coming to church and you pointed some soldiers and told me that they will help me carry my load that I should come. That was how I resumed. I didn’t get the full message of the dream until like a year later when a lady came to meet me that I am really trying that she was watching me during the Wednesday service that I carried my baby on my back from d beginning to end of service n I told her it’s God immediately that dream scene flashed in my eyes when u said the soldiers will help me carry my load and I was in awe. I said so because I didn’t even realize I was carrying baby in my back sef. It was nothing to me at all n when people say I’m trying in my heart, it’s something I enjoy doing bringing the kids to the house of their father God. I can’t go to church without my kids n even during cleaning, I use to find it difficult but now I enjoy taking them along n they even beg me that they want to clean🤣🤣 To God be all the gloryyyyyy!!!

Again ma, during their promotion exam last term, my kids got all A’s. There was no B in any of their results n during the graduation party. My first daughter was called out for the award of best student in Kg2. I was in awe n I bowed b4 their Father n teacher in Heaven n gave HIM all the glory. The worst part is my mind did not even go there at all because we didn’t do revision with the kids at all n we didn’t even employ lesson teacher n to our greatest surprise I was called out to receive the award. I just knew it was God and I give HIM all the gloryyyyyy!!!

Again ma, during Genesis 3 series the Lord delivered me from the spirit of laziness. when u talked about some people praying to have time to be doing nothing and just sitting, I was actually that type right from time. I go to shop very late n close very early many times n sometimes I don’t even open my shop. Most people don’t even know if there is shop like mine here. I just stay at home relaxing n doing exercise n I’m praying for God to bless my business🤣. It was during d service when u said God blesses hard work. I realized I have been a fool. The next day I followed my husband to do school runs and from there I went to my shop. The worst part is my shop is a stone throw from my house n I just stay home. Now I am asking myself what has been wrong with me. Everyone is surprised n asking me if this is me🤣. My husband has “big big” dreams n like u said, I humbled myself n prayed for God to give me d anointing of “big big”. My home is taking a new shape now. My husband now discusses business matters with me now n told me he will encourage my business more now (when God blesses him) when he started seeing seriousness. God has been faithful in teaching me to handle cooking n d rest. After that single act, I am now seeing peace, love, romance, and tighter friendship. I am a very happy woman now. I have never experienced such level of peace n love in my marriage before n the funniest thing is that there is no much money like that lest we say is because of the money that we have this kind of peace n joy. No wonder u said yesterday that God wants to give us more than money. Indeed, He is doing it already n I no money of necessity will come. I am so so happy mummy n I thank God for everything. He is such a good n loving father n of course, a great master planner. I love you JESUSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Thank u mummy for training us like soldiers n I am happy to be a soldier also training soldiers (my kids) for the Lord. We love u mummy❤️. I pray I impact people in my generation in the way of the Lord. God help me! God bless you Ma!!!”

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