“God has made everything beautiful for its own time and He has planted eternity in the human heart…” (Ecc 3:11)

These days, to speak the truth, to open your heart to strangers, just to encourage them from afar, you need the courage of love. We have to learn to live with less (space, food, friends, toys…).. This is the simplicity of Christ, the greatest treasure on earth. I live in Africa. My children and grandchildren live in Texas. I have learned to secret to be contented in every situation, when I have too much food (I give to others) and when I have too little food (I decide to diet until provision comes). I have also learned to enjoy each day, as it is and not as I wanted it to be.

It is easy to complain about limitations. Complaining is like taking drugs, it is very addictive. Long ago I decided to live a life of thanksgiving. I cannot change my decision now, just because of some natural restrictions. In this life, I reached on top of mountains and I crawled to the bottom of dark valleys. One thing never changed: with Christ in me, I overcame all obstacles, exterior and interior. Even when I thought that I was going in circles, I made progress in life. Welcome to my world where endurance is the ground, thanksgiving is the sky, and all I see, is beauty everywhere! Jesus is Lord! I look around and I am amazed at Your beauty! Your glory is all I see!

(My husband took this picture… in 2018… me in a calm pretty old French village)

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