In the morning, the light of the rising sun is special, the color of the sky is more blue, and the plants look happier. Hope blooms at the beginning of a new day more than in the evening. There is an expectation of good coming this day. God hears your prayers!

Dear young people, this is your ‘morning’ in life. Rejoice and give thanks to God! Even the rest of us who live in the noon or evening of life, we too should thank God! For He is always good!

Let us pray: “Father God, please… when morning comes, let Your love satisfy all our needs. Then we can sing for joy, celebrate and be glad…” (Ps 90:14). The morning prayer gives the tune for the day! Don’t forget your ‘quiet time’. Good morning from my garden in Warri/ Effurun, Nigeria! @ 8am. God bless you all today!

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