“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21).

Apostle Paul wrote these words to the church in Philippi when he was in prison in Rome. He was on the death row. He was not sure if he will live or die. But he did not care. His joy was full. He was totally sold to the Gospel. For him, the progress of the Word of God was all that matters. What about you? Can you say the same thing? Most people live for other things. If you replace the word ‘Christ’ with ‘money, fame, family, fun…’ you must change the second part of the sentence. It will be like this: ‘For me to live is money; and to die is loss’. Christ is the only word that will balance this scripture in the right way. May God give us the courage to run the race faithfully to the end! Worship the Lord!

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