Last Sunday ‘a big man’, a chief and politician, attended our church’ service with his driver. As the church is getting more crowded, we did not know that he was there. Yesterday he phoned saying that he loved the service very much. He once attended our church more than 15 years ago. He said that the Spirit of the church, the anointing, has not changed at all! It is the same Holy Spirit that he remembers, that makes sinners bow down, repent and then receive the joy of the Lord. He said that many churches start well but later, because of the love for money and fame, they deviate from the original vision. But our church is exactly as he remembers it long ago, only better. He also said that his driver who was seated beside him was moved to tears. That throughout the service he wept and wept begging God to have mercy on him. The big man was surprised… He said that since then, the driver was ‘sober’. He said that ‘the way I see-am, I de fear say every Sunday he will beg me to allow am to come to Father’s House!’

(Note: I want to thank God for this particular ‘big man’ for allowing his driver to come inside the sanctuary and even to seat next to him. Some big men tell their drivers and mopols to wait in the church’ parking lot… Father God please bless this humble big man!)

Lesson: Dear ‘big men’, if God is using ‘small’ people (your driver, house servant or your children) to bring you to the house of God on Sunday morning, this is wonderful! The ways of God are past finding out! God always wins! Hallelujah! To God be all the glory! Worship the Lord!

“Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!” (Rom 11:33)

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