In Christ, this is my testimony:

As for me, against all odds, I found that place at Jesus’ feet… my heart could not rest from seeking until I found that blessed spot… men have pushed me aside and prayed against my passion… men laughed at my longing and pointed other things for me to do… but the Lord of my sister Mary has become my Lord also. He called me heavenwards and revealed the space prepared and preserved for me alone. Throughout my journey, He encouraged, defended, and covered me. I have never seen a Man like Jesus… He speaks mysteries and my heart melts at the sound of His voice… He who holds the stars in His hand, holds my breath and my soul forever… The Lord is my Shepherd, what can man do to me? Nothing… for I fear no one except to grieve Him by my doubts, restlessness, and foolishness…In Him I have found peace and joy… this is my treasure… this is my testimony… My spot at His feet is secure forever… His seal is there… my name is stamped on that holy ground, and none can erase it… From the words of His mouth, I share with you all…like food on the table, in the presence of my enemies, He calls me to His personal banqueting table… I seat with Him on His throne… men’s eyes stare at something close to the ceiling… surprised, I turn, to look above and see: His banner over me reads:


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