Long ago, I discovered that I was an eagle. But I was afraid of the heights. I knew that God was calling me to go and meet with Him, nest with Him on the mountains of grace and glory. But I played safe. I decided to only admire His beauty from afar. I read books of ‘how to fly for dummies’. I imagined the best but I held tight to what was available to me in my little world. I convinced myself that refusing to fly is called ‘humility’. I was waiting for God to reward me for this. Until one day… my heart became too small for the cage I put myself in. The tightness over my chest suffocated me. I tried to still be ‘humble’ but I could not. I was limiting God and myself. The moment came when I knew that I have to make a choice: Break my heart of break my cage. I chose to break the cage. My lungs needed to breath the air above. My ears needed to tune in the silence of the blue sky. My eyes blinked with wonder. I saw my dream come true. The angels were rehearsing and editing the song I composed on earth, while breaking the cage. I was free! I knew that I was free! Glory to the One who has no equal! Glory to my Savior, Jesus Christ! My people, rejoice with me! And I say again, rejoice!

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