“Hello mum!!! God is good at all times!!!

This is my testimony: when you called the sick out for prayer on Sunday I actually didn’t want to come because I wasn’t sick, but something pushed me out. I took my six-month old son from his dad and came out. My husband was surprised because he wasn’t sick either. After the prayer I went back to my seat feeling refreshed. Then came the wonders/ miracle!!! I noticed I now joke with my first son unlike before. For the past five years he has know me as no nonsense mom. I use to get angry with him in any little and given opportunity and even when he is seated calmly he used to come running to me and say mum you called me thinking he hear me called him. I have prayed about it infact each time I said I won’t beat him. I will find him doing something that will make me angry and I hit/beat him seriously.

Today I give God all the glory because who knows what I would have done to him if not for God using you to break me free from spirit of anger and bitterness towards him. Seriously ma if you see me dealing with him before, you will think I didn’t birth him. But since three days now I joke, laugh and play with him. To confirm God’s healing that Sunday after church we went home, I dished food for each member of the family, my son took his plate of food looked at it and said “mum I can’t eat this meal because I want something else”. I didn’t say I word. Before I could turn he pour the food away and I went into the room to bring out Cain but couldn’t pick it up. I just went and sit down. Would you believe he pack the food back into the plate and ate even requested for more indeed what God can’t do does not exist. Lord King Grace I am grateful for healing my body and mind 🙌🙌 Glory be to GOD!!!

From your daughter… “

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, people playing musical instruments and crowd

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