“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” (3Jn 1:4)

I often receive encouraging letters from people I pastor, those who I call ‘my lambs in Christ’. Words cannot express the joy and the holy pride I feel when they testify to their spiritual growth. Today, a dear sister sent me this note. She has joined our church not too long ago. She is married with children. She is a successful businesswoman. She is very faithful in serving God in the house of God. I bless God for her life. The Holy Spirit has humbled her and favored her. Read her words and be blessed:

“Dear Malia, I thank God for the day I came to Father’s House! I realize I have it all!!! Inferiority complexity, poverty mentality and victim mentality. Afraid and shy!!!! Full of mistakes!!!! But yet He calls me His beloved!!!! There are times I wonder if it was a mistake to make me a leader in the Body of Christ???? Do I have what it takes to lead? I have always second guess myself, even at my work, in my marriage. Hmmmmm I am a big work in progress!!!! “Holy Spirit pls help me to be what my Maker created me to be. A vessel of honor, a Spirit control woman, a submissive wife and a Daughter of a Proud Father (God)!!!!!!”

Ma, ur words always give me comfort Ma!!!! The best thing that has ever happened to me is being in my Father’s house. Revealing to me my weaknesses, humbling and breaking me down and pointing to the cross daily!!!! Oh how He loves me!!!! Oh how he loves me!!! Thank u my mother!!! I have wept many tears but now, I am ready!!!! So I desire for Him to cleans me, weed me, burn me, mold me, swallow me, just to be perfect for Him!!!! “This is my desire, to honor You…”

You said that my destiny is to be a woman of God. Yes Ma!!! I am changing… Slow it may seam but definitely not going back to my vomit!!! My path can only continue to shine daily unto the perfect day, Ma. From one glory to another!!! I always say thank you bc if u had not held steadfast, I won’t be in this path!!! Hence I am always saying ‘thank u Ma’ bc ur salvation was not for u alone but for us!!! U needed to pave the way for us and make it lot easier. Be our shoulder, be our Rod we look up to, like Moses Rod. I am so far away!!!! So so far away from my goal but cautiously pressing on, my Mother. And when I look at my tiny growth, I laugh. I give thanks to God! How I am now anxious for nothing. No longer very hot tempered and easily provoked but always smiling knowing someone got my back. Knowing He is working everything together for my good. It gives me great joy, Ma. I love u! I love u the way u will never understand ma. And vow to make u proud. To say one day she is my daughter as I breed her. To be called by my husband “a woman of God”! One day… “

My answer to her:

“Dear daughter, this is the truth: Your future is by far better, more glorious and happier than your past and present! That is why, you should never fear going on in life and getting ‘old’! God is changing you to make you a woman of God! As you change in your heart, your marriage, your husband and children, people around you will also change! You ignite the miracle of passionate life un-ending around you! It will happen! You are already a woman of God. Believe this word! This truth will become clearer with time. One day! Not too far from now! In Jesus’ name!”

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