This is a page from my life story… When I came to Nigeria with my husband in 1980, I was surprised how ‘hot and dusty’ December can be. In my native country, Christmas is always cold, clean and white with snow. For many years I missed that. After I became saved, God changed my heart. I was able to forget the past and embrace the unknown future with a grateful and excited heart. I now love the dry heat mixed with the ‘harmattan’. I forgot the roasted turkey and mashed potatoes and now I love jolof rice, fried chicken with dodo. There is a season for everything in this life. Things come and things go. But there is a name above all names that stands forever, in all times and all places! His name is Jesus!!!!

“Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13:8).

Happy Christmas from me in advance!

(This yellow flower greeted me this morning in my garden)

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