“Good afternoon, Malia!!!!

I trust you are doing well by the mercies of God.

Malia Baba God is Good, Kind, Faithful and true.

His Word, He will never leave nor forsake us is mine and my family’s testimony.

I testify to the glory of King Grace (My Oga kpatata) and to the shame of the devil.

My Husband was due to return to work and boarded his flight. Before they took off, he said that it took 1hour 30mins while already seated for test run of the airplane.

Once they had taken off, 10mins before landing, heavy rain like never seen started and there was thick clouds, all of a sudden the plane plummeted downwards making some passegers displaced, people immediately started screaming Jesus!!! Then he said this cannot happen, Lord take control.

Then the plane tipped to the left side downwards… He said it was not good at all, the pilot started making announcements, and had to fly at a fast rate to cut through the thick clouds.

But to the glory of KING GRACE!!! the next thing he noticed was they landed safely at the airport where they initially took off from. The next day a different plane was used and he arrived safely at work.

Oh Malia, God is FAITHFUL and GOOD!!His Word is Yes and amen.🙏🏽

A day before he left, I was in the bedroom and immediately the Lord laid in my heart to give Him thanks, to rejoice, that God is with him (my Husband) and immediately I started giving God thanks.

My God is the Good God, yes He is.

This song came to me IMELA (When I think about the goodness of God, I’m convinced is not because I am worthy to receive this kind of love that He gives..Imela, Imela, Okaka, onyekiruwa, Imela, Imela, Eze-mo. 🙇🏽‍♀️

Lord I have come to give and return all the glory to you!!! For sparing the life of your Son, my Hisband, you are Faithful, true, your promises are Yes and amen.

Forever grateful and thankful Lord Jesus.

God bless you Malia, for constantly teaching and showing us the royal way of the Cross.

Your daughter… “

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