This is the day

“This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24)

In this world of sin and sorrow, it is so refreshing to hear God’s Word! Truth has its own sound, its own power!

Child of God, you are commanded to rejoice as you live today! This is God’s Word! This is God’s command! It is not just a suggestion! Different circumstances cannot alter it! The God who created this day as a gift of life to you, is to be celebrated! This day is not here by mistake! Many could not make it! God who made today, is the God of all eternity, the God who made you too, the God who promised to carry you until the end! God is good! Al the time! Is praise rising in your soul! Is the name of Jesus sweet to you? Are you saved? Then rejoice!!!

From the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same, let praises be heard over this land! They shall overflow to the nations! Men will ask you ‘why are you so happy?’ Tell them it is because Jesus is your Savior and your Lord! Your testimony can move mountains of fear and depression! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

“Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13:8)


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