This is a letter from a young man who is my son in Christ. He is 16 years old and has just being elected as the president of his school’s Christian fellowship. He is the youngest real pastor I know. I told him that if he needs prayer, help or counsel he should write me. This is one of his letters. Please pray for him as he learns to do ministry among the students there. This is his letter…

“Good evening Malia.
Today I talked with a teacher who felt like he was supposed to have moved on from our school. He told me how God had used a student a few days ago to bring him back to the fold. I told him God was using his present circumstances as a training ground where he was to learn to follow God.
I also talked to a student this evening who said he would rather not engage in religion because of all the hypocrisy he saw around. I talked at length to him about the work Christ came to do. In his heart, he had already built a strong tower against the word of God. He argued against the fact that when God saves, he saves to the outermost. He also argued that Jesus Christ was man and not God. After refuting his argument for a while, I dropped the basic truth of Christ coming to take away our sins. I asked him to decide for himself who was right, and what he would lose if he believed.
I know God has a plan for these two people. And all I can say is Lord, your will be done. Please pray for them and for me too…
Your son in Christ…

My answer to him:
Well done! Thank God for the anointing to preach. The Holy Spirit will encourage you personally each time your message is rejected, You are planting seeds. Sooner or later they will germinate in their hearts. Continue to be faithful to God who called you to Himself!
Love in Christ alone,


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