“He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper… So his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong” (2Chr 26:5, 15)

This is the story of King Uzziah. He started well and but he ended badly. God prospered him but he became proud and fell from that position of grace. He died a leprous man, isolated from God and man. In this letter, we are concerned with the way he became strong, wealthy and famous. The principles he applied to become prosperous are eternal and can be applied even today. Just keep in mind that you need to remain humble even when you become financially blessed. Then you shall be safe.

The general spiritual principle to become prosperous revealed in the Bible is this: Seek God first and all good things shall be added to you (Mt 6:33). What does it mean to seek God? In Hebrew, the word ‘seek’ means to actively inquire, to diligently search for something valuable as if it is lost. It means to ask questions until you find the way to the precious treasure. This seeking does not stop until you find God, until you have an encounter with the Living God. That is possible only in Christ Jesus and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

It is interesting to know that King Uzziah sought God ‘in the days of Zachariah’ who was a prophet and also his teacher and his mentor. To seek God is a decision you make. Then you pay the price to seek God. The basic things you need to do is to study the Bible and to pray. You need to practically apply your knowledge of the Word of God in your daily life. Another thing you should do is to attend a good living church. It helps if you know a true servant of God who can mentor you along the way, who can cover you with prayers as you mature spiritually. Learn from the mistakes of others. King Uzziah became proud only after the death of Zechariah. Nobody dared to correct him when he was wrong. You need to submit to a spiritually mature servant of God who has the right to correct you when you need that ministry. My husband who is also my pastor has corrected me many times. It is not easy to be rebuked for wrong doing. But it is necessary. God bless and reward him for that difficult ministry from which I profited a lot!

Believe God’s promise: If you seek God you shall prosper! This is the ancient holy and proven recipe to true success in life. In Hebrew, the word ‘success’ it means to be able to move on in life, to experience spiritual and financial breakthroughs and to be profitable. Success is the enemy of failure and stagnancy. The result is that your light will start to shine. Your fame and the area of your authority will spread giving you a platform to give God all the glory for your success.

This is another promise: If you seek God, He will help you ‘marvelously’. This is a supernatural miraculous help to protect you in the midst of your success. It is not easy to be wealthy. God will surround you as a shield and none of your enemies will be able to destroy you. God will use you to proclaim His grace and power and His love to men on earth. God will use you to increase His Kingdom and to be a blessing to many. Your eternal reward will be even greater than your finances on earth. Your testimony is sure and sealed by God.

May these words impact your spirit today! May you trust and obey God! May the blessings of Christ be your portion to you and to your family! In Jesus name, amen!


“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1Cor 10:31)
Many people are interested to know: what is the secret of our success, as individual believers, as a couple and as a church? They ask questions… One of the most important keys we have used to open the door of holy success is the genuine desire to give God Almighty all the glory for everything. In a way, we are ‘addicted’ to this way of thinking: we want God to be happy with us, to take pleasure in the things we do in His name and to put a smile on His lovely face. We really believe that God is interested in our lives. We truly believe that God looks down from heaven and sees us trying our best to make Him happy. This faith may look foolish to many but it is pure power that works and changes things. It has now become a part of us. We walk in this faith! We apply it daily! And it works for us!

Once God’s favor is on you, there is nothing else that you need. This is the theme of my life: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…”
This is the key of success: Give God all the glory for everything you do and you have; for all your achievements and successes! In Jesus name, amen!


“But as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord” (Josh 14:15)

After three weeks of wonderful vacation we are back home. Someone asked me: ‘are you happy to go back home?’ The question may be necessary because the vacation was spent in America and my home is in Nigeria. Outwardly, the difference is great. America is beautiful! Coming home means facing the many challenges of life we meet daily in Africa. But still, home is home.

One reason why I love my home is because here, I feel safe and happy. I know my pots and pans. I know where my favorite coffee cup is in the morning. At home, I have many options when facing the challenges of life. For example, if the electric power goes off, we start the generator. If the generator fails we put on the torch lights. If those fail, there is always the faithful candle. But when we travel, I do not have so many options. I am limited at what I can do; I depend on people to help me. I have to ask too many questions just to survive. This is the truth: I feel more helpless outside my home.

But the best reason why my home is sweet, it is because here, is the place where I can serve The Lord easier. I know where my Bible is. I know the music on my CDs. My heart is more at peace here than anywhere else. I feel that The Holy Spirit finds me easier at home. There are no distractions, no surprises. Vacations are good for a change of environment, for refreshing the mind. But, I am blessed to have a little place on this earth I call home. Yes, I am happy to come back home!

I am now getting excited… From tomorrow morning, dear Holy Spirit, let’s start our fellowship afresh. The worship will continue! Let the river flow! We shall serve The Lord! Welcome home, Lord!


“Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” (Heb 13:4-6)

Each time we come back to Nigeria, we have to fill an ‘immigration entry form’. This is one of the questions: ‘what is your occupation?’ In the past I write ‘medical doctor’. For some years I wrote ‘clergy or pastor’. My husband writes the same on his form. Being a doctor of a pastor correctly describes both of us. But this time, when we came back from vacation, I decided to change my ‘occupation’. I decided to write something different than what my husband wrote. Suddenly I felt a new excitement to write ‘Niger-wife – accompany husband’. The truth is that in the past, I thought that being a doctor or a pastor is a higher calling than being a wife. I tried to impress the officials, to make it easier for myself. But on Sunday, I introduced myself to the Nigerian immigration as ‘a wife’. To my surprise, this made things easier for me. The officials greeted me better than in the past. They ‘hailed’ me as ‘our wife, welcome!’ They did not ask any other questions. Two days ago I discovered that marriage is a stronger ‘visa’ than being a doctor or a clergy. This is wonderful to me!

The Bible says that marriage is ‘honorable’. The word means to have great value, to be costly and precious. The married people will be rewarded with a greater reputation than the singles. But be careful: A successful marriage is not easy and it is not cheap. There is a great price to pay for its success. It takes a full time dedication and sacrifice to make it work. Marriage is ‘honorable’ because it is God’s idea. It is the special holy union between a man and a woman. The marital bed cannot contain three persons. The homosexuals and the adulterers try to make marriage cheap. Sexual sins are not quickly judged by human courts. But have to doubt, God will judge them! Never envy a fornicator! Without repentance, his future will be cut off!

Now I speak as a wife. Marriage is a great place to learn wisdom, love, patience and contentment. To be content it means to be mentally and emotionally satisfied with things as they are, in particular, with what my husband is able to provide for me, materially and spiritually. To be content I must repent of the sin of greed, pride and impatience. I have to repent of the desire to be wealthy by myself, to leave my husband behind, socially and spiritually. For example, if my husband says: ‘My wife, we have such an amount in the bank, but I do not want us to spend this money now because we may needed it later for something else…’ Let’s say I wanted to buy a new dress. As a wife I need to pray for the grace to submit to such restrain especially when I have ‘my own money’ to spend as I please. Not to buy that dress is hard. I have to let go and imagine my life without that dress. Not to spend money when I have money, that is hard. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to reject the natural impulse of buying things when I can afford them, just to keep the unity of the Spirit in the home. In times like these I need the Lord as ‘my Helper’. I need the Lord to give me peace when I cannot buy the things I want, just to keep peace in the home. I need the Holy Spirit to keep me contended just by His presence with me. How many times I said in my heart: The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want’. For Christ sake I need to learn to avoid trouble, division and quarrels especially because of money.

If you are married, I encourage you to raise the honor, the value and the price of your marriage! Invite God in all things. Study the Bible and pray about all things. These include health, sex, money, ministry and rising children. Do all things to the glory of God. If you are single, then you do not understand the travails of marriage. Nevertheless, I pray for you to marry, and marry well!

This is hard work, to pay the price to make marriage honorable and successful. That is how I became free from the fear of man, especially of my husband as my authority under God. The devil has lost in my life and in my marriage! I am free from the accusation to be a rebellious, forward, foolish and selfish wife. By the grace of God I became a godly wife who has paid the price to honor my marriage! This is my ‘bold’ testimony! By the grace of God, on Sunday, I entered Nigeria as the wife of a wonderful man called Richmond Sisan Leigh. I suspect that God will use me and will anoint me more than ever before to preach about marriage in the days to come. God will help me! The Lord Jesus Christ has promised never to leave me or forsake me! In Christ I declare: in Romania, America or Nigeria, in my home and outside my home, Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!


“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress” (Jam 1:27)

About four months ago a brother in Christ in our church died. I wrote about him in one of the posts. He was in his forties. He left behind a wife and four children. The first two have just gained entrance into the university. The wife is a teacher and a true woman of God. She came today to see me shaking with joy. I have not seen her so happy since her dear husband died. She said that last Sunday, a couple from our church called her and told her they will be responsible for the school fees of her four children from the primary school until they finish their university. She said that they want to do it quietly. But she could not keep such a blessed secret and she came to tell me about their generous gift ‘to give God the glory’. I told her that she and her children are blessed. I also told her that the godly couple who quietly decided to help is blessed.

I am humbled and blessed to be the pastor of such a godly congregation. Please do not forget that this is Africa. This generosity is not because here men are so wealthy! It is the peculiar work of God. Again and again I have seen the Holy Spirit moving in our midst and making the Word of God real to all. I testify in the sight of God that ‘pure and genuine religion’, true Christianity, is practiced in our church! Hallelujah!

I give God all the glory for this wonderful provision in time of need! God bless you people of Father’s House Bible Church Warri, Nigeria! God bless you dear brethren who chose to go the extra mile just for Christ sake! You know yourselves! God knows you! To lift the burden of the needy, the widow and the orphans is a blessed work that God will surely bless! In Jesus name, amen!