“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (Jn 1:5)

Yesterday, during the Sunday service, as I went up to minister on the altar, the power went off. (Later we were told that our big generator ‘caught gas’). For about 15 minutes the church was in total darkness. The microphones, and the musical instruments (with the exception of the drum and the saxophone) went silent. Some people in the congregation put on the lights on their phones. Our church has no windows, so when it is dark, it is really dark. Without the microphone, my voice could have been ‘lost’ in the big auditorium. I had the option to go back to my seat and miss my ministry ‘slot’. But long ago, I made up my mind not to bow to contrary spirits or negative circumstances. I am a soldier for Christ. I have to fight to the end and if I have to die, I must die standing! I chose to worship God no matter what.

I could not preach a message but I could raise my small voice and sing: ‘Imela-e… Imela-e…For the great and might things that You have done…Chineke … Idinma… Ezeh!” (It means: Thank You Lord, My God and My King…)… The congregation loves the song and we all worshiped God with singing the same song again and again.The ACs stopped working. It was hot and dark. But nobody was showing impatience, whistling angrily (as many youths sometimes do…). Everybody remained calm, hands lifted up in worship singing: Imela-e… Once more we discovered that the devil is a liar and a loser! He tried to stop the service, cause confusion and anger but he failed completely. The Holy Spirit was totally in charge and the anointing became even higher…At last, the power came back! Praise the Lord! The worship must continue!

In Christ I declare: God loves Nigeria! I am a witness to this love rooted in His grace! The light of Christ shines in the darkness of Warri- Effurun and in Nigeria! The power of evil is fighting back but it cannot quench the light! One little candle is stronger than the most ‘professional long standing thick’ spiritual darkness! We declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over Nigeria! Against all odds, Nigeria will make progress, spiritually and in the natural! Christ in us is the Hope of Glory! If the hope died, the Hope shall resurrect! Love is as strong as death! We reject every demon of fear, armed robbery, kidnapping, tribal wars, depression, inferiority complex, slave mentality, poverty, empty religion and foolish pride! We destroy every covenant done by any person, past or present, with territorial evil spirits! Holy Spirit please come and take control! It is well with my soul! It is well with Father’s House Bible Church! It is well with Nigeria! Revival shall come! To God alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!

Malia 5

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