This is what God says: “Dedicate to Me the first-born sons of every family…These belong to Me” (Ex 13:2)
Today is our first born son’s birthday. His name is John Richmond Leigh.

“Dear John, I look back and rejoice at what God has done in our lives. As you know, you were born prematurely. The doctors were not sure you will live. But you did. You were born a fighter and a champion. The grace of God was upon you from the very beginning. When you came to this world, I was not a Christian. I did not know how to pray. But your dad, (he told me later) dedicated you to God even before you cried your first cry. You were placed in the safest place of this universe: the everlasting loving powerful hands of the Living God. Today I am glad that you belong to Jesus! From the time you were born, and until today, more than 40 years have passed. These have been blessed years of discovering God’s purpose for us as a family. I thank God for who He made you to be. I still remember the joy, the fear and the pride I had in my heart when you were born. It was joy because you made me a mother. It was fear because I was not sure if I was able to be a mother to you. It was pride because you were so beautiful, and so real and so beyond my imagination… Your dad and I rejoice with you this day. We bestow the parents’ holy blessings upon you! We bless your dear wife Deneice, and your children, Jetson and Josslyn. Always remember that we love you very much, today and forever!

Happy Birthday! La Multi Ani!”

John Leigh 1

John Leigh 2

John Leigh 3

John Leigh 4

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  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to John! 🙂

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