I live in Nigeria since 1980. I love Nigeria and its people. The reason for my love is spiritual, first of all. I found Christ here. Secondly, my husband and our three children are all Nigerians. This is my testimony: I came to Nigeria as an atheist. On the 14th of March 1986, I became saved thru a crisis conversion in Warri, Nigeria. This was God’s decision and work, not mine. Since then, I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is deeply interested in this country. I am not a politician or a social worker. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, servant of God and pastor. I do not live my life by what I see around me or in the media. I do not make my decisions based on what I hear on the TV News. I live my life by faith in God, passionately moved by the resurrection power of Christ who lives in me. Before I gave my life to Christ, I was a chronic coward. As an unbeliever, I was a very complicated person. I loved too many things and I scattered my heart. I lost my primary focus and the core of my destiny, which is to know my Creator. But Christ simplified my life. Thank God for that! I now have only one basic desire: to love God and to become like Jesus! For me the law of my life is simple: if my Lord loves somebody, I love that one too! Jesus loves the Nigerians! Therefore I love them too!
Now let me add this: One of the things I hate to see in Nigeria, is barbed wires on top of high fences and ‘burglary proofs’ bars at the windows. Before coming here, I have never seen these things, not even in the movies. Even after all these years living in Nigeria, I have never gotten used to them. To me, these are clear symbols of bondage! Most people here live in fear for their lives. They want to protect themselves from their enemies. But fear is a demon. Barbed wires cannot stop that demon from coming inside the house and terrorizing your heart. Freedom is spiritual, is internal, first of all. Only Jesus Christ can make a coward free. By destroying the power and the sting of death, Jesus Christ became the Lord of Eternal Life! A heart living behind barbed wires is like entering a prison of your own making. You are free inside but you are lonely too. For the barbed wires stop not only the criminals, they stop your friends from coming in too. A coward can never love! A coward can never be a good friend! A coward can never enjoy life! A coward can never be happily married! A coward can never open his heart to God and to men!
I pray for Nigeria this morning. I know that it will take a miracle for the architects to design houses without barbed wires and bars of iron. I know that it will be a miracle for Nigerians to feel safe and to sleep well in houses without these metal protection gadgets. I pray for revival in Nigeria, not just a little religion, but full time practicing of Christianity and Holy Ghost empowerment! I pray that Agape Love will flood this land and destroy all forms of bondage! I pray that Love conquers all fears! For the majestic, generous, free, bold, unfailing, supernatural Love of God in the hearts of men is the only answer! I believe in miracles because I believe in God!
‘Dear Father God, please heal, deliver, change, free and bless Nigeria!’
(In the picture bellow, I saw this strange pendant for sale: a heart surrounded by barbed wire of ‘bondage love’. God forbid! I say: You ‘bondage love’ be broken in Jesus name! Heart, be free, in Jesus name! Amen!)

2 comments on “PRAYER FOR NIGERIA

  1. I will pray the same as soon as I click on the “post comment” button, Lia! I love your heart for your adopted country and its people! God bless you greatly! ❤

  2. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

    God bless you too Lynn! My husband and I and our children and grandchildren are also US citizens. God bless America with true revival! In Jesus name, amen!

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