“Now Isaac again dug [and reopened] the wells of water which had been dug in the days of Abraham his father, because the Philistines had filled them up [with dirt] after the death of Abraham; and he gave the wells the same names that his father had given them” (Gen 26:18; AMP)
The prophetic prayer meeting was very good. We started strong praying for a special touch from God tonight. We then praised God with all our hearts. The worship leader started singing ‘Baba, God, Open the heavens over us…’ That was exactly what the Holy Spirit wanted us to pray. The ‘cloud of glory’ over us became ‘thicker’. But then the cloud stopped, hanging in the air, in the same spot… I told them that I sense some hindrance, some opposition or some disturbance coming from religious spirits that have secretly infiltrated our ranks. I was sure that the Holy Spirit was ready to make an ‘entrance’. But the resistance must be identified and removed before the Holy Spirit can make ‘a land fall’ in this place. Led by the Holy Spirit we did spiritual warfare praying in little groups of three or four people. I said: You know what is good… the good thing you pray for yourself, pray it for the other person…’ The anointing was increasing even more… There was a holy hush in the atmosphere…
As we became more serious in our prayers, heaven ‘noticed’ our hunger and desperation for revival. As Isaac had to remove the stones and dirt the Philistines used to block his father’s well, we too removed the blockage. We had faith that behind these troubles, there is water. There is life! We prayed against the demons of doubt, fear, confusion, poverty, religion, backsliding, weakness, sickness, untimely death and disappointment. We prayed until we felt free, surrounded and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. I called all the children in the service to come and worship God on the altar. Their simple joy, faith, purity and zeal were infectious. Some were weeping, some had their hands lifted up, some were praying and some were singing… “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 19:14). Yes, I am talking about the little children in Father’s House Effurun, Nigeria…… Everybody was humbled and touched by their ministration.
By faith, we declared that all blockages to our prayers have been removed. We declared that God has decreed a grace breakthrough for us. The weak became strong. The sick were healed. The poor became rich. The prisoner became free. We ended the prayer meeting on our knees, thanking God for His presence in our midst. ‘Jesus You love me too much-ooo… Excess Love-ooo…’ This evening, grateful hearts gathered together before the throne, to bring offerings of thanksgiving and tears of joy. As I am writing these notes, I declare that Nigeria is blessed! Father’s House Bible Church Effurun is blessed! Glory to God!
Children FH 2

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