It is not easy for me to read or talk about food. This is because I like it too much. Most of my adult life I struggled with my weight. Even as a born again Christian, it was very hard for me to have victory in this area. I fasted, prayed and cried to God for help, for deliverance. Then one day the Holy Spirit reminded me of this scripture: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1Cor 10:31). He told me that this is the key to conquer the demon of gluttony, guilt in the area of eating and obesity. He said that God looks at the purpose of the action more than at the action itself. He said that the purpose of my eating was wrong. I was eating because I was hungry, because I liked to eat food, because I like to cook, because I can afford to buy any food I like, because I do not want to waste food or because everybody is eating…. Ok! What is wrong with that? The Holy Spirit said: ‘Everything! This type of eating is like food dedicated to idols. The purpose of my eating must be ‘to the glory of God’. ‘But how do I eat to the glory of God?’ – I asked the Holy Spirit. He said to me: ‘See yourself as God’s creation. You are not your own! You belong to God! Your appetite is given to you by God. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You need to eat to ‘maintain’ the temple of God. Losing or gaining too much weight, or neglecting your body is not your personal business, but is damaging the property of God’.

I suddenly got the revelation! Since then, I try to remember the real purpose of why I eat food and drink water (or fruit juice): to the glory of God who created me and whose Spirit dwells in me! Praise the Lord!

(in the picture is me, at a restaurant in Athens, Greece, eating what else? Greek salad! It is very good!)

SLL 40

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