‘From Troas we put out to sea and sailed straight for Samothrace, and the next day we went on to Neapolis’ (Ac 16:10)

My husband and I we continue to follow the great Apostle Paul. This morning we took a small plane (like our Aryk in Warri) and flew from Athens to Neapolis. Apostle Paul wanted to go to Asia but he was directed by the Holy Spirit to go to Macedonia to preach the Gospel there (Ac 16:6-11). He saw a man in avision begging him to come to help them in Greece. He left Troas and arrived at the city of Neapolis.

We too arrived this morning at Neapolis. Today it is called Kavala, Greece. It is a quiet city of about a hundred thousand inhabitants but it has a village feel. This ancient city was founded 300 years before Christ. From the mountains near by the Romans excavated gold. The city was used as the main sea port for the Roman great city of Philipi, built in the mainland about 17 km from here.

We stay in a humble hotel by the sea. We ate a simple meal of fried meat, bread, garden egg and lettuce salad and potatoes in an open view restaurant by the sea. The sea gulls flew around waiting for crumbs. There are many butterflies and many flowers. I try to feel what Paul felt. We drove up the hill and took some beautiful pictures with the city of Neapolis (Kavala) down there in the background. There is a peaceful feeling about this place. Later in the day, we shall go to see the ruins of the Old city of Philippi which is not far from here. These mountains and the sea have not changed since Paul came here preaching the Gospel. In the first century Christianity became very strong here. Because of that they made Neapolis the city centre for the Bishop to reside here. They even changed the name of the city to Christopole. The city fell to the Otoman empire for a time. Sultan Suleiman ‘the Magnificent’ built an aqueduct to bring water to the city from the river in the mountain. You can still see the aqueduct today passing in the middle of the city. The town was freed by the Greek forces later.

It is Sunday morning. We just finished watching the service of Father’s House on the Internet. We loved it! We are far away in the natural but one in the Spirit with the brethren at home. We also feel good touching history, especially Biblical history. Today is a good day! Praise the Lord!

(In the pictures you see my husband and I during our stay in Kavala. I also took some pictures with our lunch, flowers and seagulls there. It is an old beautiful city)

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FH 3-2

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