“Ho! Everyone who thirsts,

Come to the waters;

And you who have no money,

Come, buy and eat.

Yes, come, buy wine and milk

Without money and without price.

Why do you spend money for what is not bread,

And your wages for what does not satisfy?

Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good,

And let your soul delight itself in abundance” (Is 55:1, 2)


The Saturday evening prophetic prayer meeting was very good.  When humble faithful believers come together, in the unity of the Spirit, ready to become vulnerable, prepared to have their deepest wounds exposed so that they can be healed, miracles surely happen! I have seen it again and again. God is inviting us to come to the Waters of life. He is inviting us to the ancient never failing overflowing satisfying menu on the banqueting table. The only qualification is hunger for God and thirst for His miraculous power. Fear not! In this mighty hall of grace, there is no need for money in the pocket.  As we prayed, I turned my pockets upside down so that the people see that I do not have any cash with me. In the natural, empty pockets cause anxiety. If I leave my house without money I will go back and take some. But God says: ‘There is no need to go back. Forget money! Forget how much money you have or you don’t have! Come as you are!’ As I heard His generous invitation, for a moment I felt like a fool. Is God talking to me? How can I enter the store of God with my empty pockets? I have great and many needs. I need healing, deliverance, provision and a breakthrough. His promises are too great for someone like me… I am a tenant but God said that I will own a house. I fear God… If I calculate how much I should pay the doctor to heal me, the lawyer to take me out of this mess, the agent to show me a good piece of property, the teacher to pay the school fees for my children… all these and more… all these my intimidating needs… I need money… Or God does not know that in Nigeria without money you are called a mad man? I fear God this evening… He said ‘buy without money’… My brain works over-time… If I do a quick calculation, I need millions of Naira to pay for a social upgrade in my life…


But God says: ‘I know your needs. Stop calculating! I am the only Living destiny changer God!  I am not mathematics. I am Jehovah God. I am that I am. My greatness is unsearchable. Don’t forget. I am God! I am calling you to come to Me and eat without money… Buy good gifts without cash…’ Can I believe these words? For a moment I panic again… Can I ever forget about money? Can I ever stop worrying about the cares of life? Can I ever buy property without caring what the price is, what is the tag attached to it? I am used to worry so much that if I stop worrying, I will worry the more… I never knew I was addicted to anxiety, doubt and greed. I repent Father…


But God says: ‘Open your heart to Me! Taste and see that I am good. I created you and I will carry you, to the place of no return, of no backsliding and of no doubts. My food goes deep into your soul and you shall know the delight of My Word! This season I fine-tune your vision. I clarify your understanding of Me. I give you strength to stand and to rejoice. You shall know no lack for in My kingdom grace begets grace…’


This evening I drank from the wine of the Spirit… I forgot how sweet it tasted… It is true… there was no money transaction… Just faith and more faith… Right now, I feel dizzy with happiness… I feel free because joy is fermenting power in my lungs… I breathe hard and long and I rest in these ever green pastures, among the sleepy lambs… I am still surprised at the treasure I found… The rich and the poor are equal in this holy palace… for the proud stronghold of Mammon totally collapsed this evening… money became useless for the glory of the Lamb is revealed… Holy Spirit come… Faith is my currency… I can buy anything thru faith… After a long famine of the Word of God, my soul delights itself once more in Your abundance… Lord Jesus, Your name if Wonderful… Singing at last: ‘What a beautiful name it is, Nothing compares with this, What a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus!’


The prayer meeting is over. Excited, I run home to tell my family that I am hungry no more. That I am restless no more… Shalom has fed me tonight! Two hours ago I came to God’s banqueting table and His freshly painted glory banner over me read: LOVE! Right now, let nobody disturb me! I am full to overflow with the Spirit of Him who quickens all flesh. From this very moment, I promise myself, that I shall believe the impossible. I shall not doubt again. Doubt is a luxury I cannot afford! This evening my eyes saw the King in His beauty! I shall never forget what I saw! I shall be obedient to the vision I released on high. The air I inhaled on the mountain of transfiguration has delivered my spirit from the heavy dust of religion found in the lower valleys of sin. I am free to make others free. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, ‘How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me? To God be the glory!’

SLL 42

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