“Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice” (PV 23:25)
Recently, I was thinking about the past and all… I thank God for the journey of my life. It is very different than the way I planed it. But I know that God knows the best! As a little girl I had many dreams, read books and prepared myself mentally to be ‘a princess bride’. I so much wanted to get married to a Prince. I finally did it (my husband and I are married for 44 years). But I prepared less for my work as a mother. I made many mistakes. For many years, I was overanxious to be ‘a perfect mother’ to our three children. I was too worried for them, for their future. I was always upset when people criticize them. I could not relax and enjoy the journey of life, God’s gift to me to be a mother.

After our children grew up and left the house, I had to deal with many painful memories and inferiority complexes about my achievements as a mother. I wished I could have done it better…I wished I prayed for them more, thought them the Word of God better, take them to church…They were grown up when I became saved… I had a slow start as a spiritual mother…But late is better than not at all…

Thank God that our children are all doing well. They are married now and they too are parents. Can you imagine that I am a grand mother? Thank God! I enjoy this season so much more. There is nothing to prove to anybody. Just enjoy life and thank God for it!

I want to say thank You to God Almighty for washing the dust on the frame of my memories, for extending grace to me when I fell short of God’s glory as a mother. When you are young, you do not appreciate God’s grace enough. Now that I am older, I remember how God saved, healed, delivered, protected, guided and comforted our children so many times. I now appreciate God’s grace so much more…

This evening, I declare that God is soo good to me! Thank You Father God! To You alone be all the glory for every drop of success found in me and my family! From the top of the roof I declare that You are good Lord Jesus! All the time! Now and forever! Hallelujah!

(In the picture, my husband, I and our children, in Warri Nigeria, about 1985)

Leigh family 1985

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