“But others mocking said: “They are filled with new wine.” (Ac 2:13)
This is the definition of mocking:
*To treat others with ridicule, contempt; malicious belittling;
*To imitate, to mimic as to resemble a clown, just for fun 
*To frustrate another’s hopes or efforts; to cause another to appear irrelevant, ineffectual, or impossible

This is my testimony: As an unbeliever I ignorantly practiced wickedness. I somehow learned the terrible skill of mocking others. I praised myself to be a good actress. I will imitate their voice, their accent and their style of walking. My friends and I will laugh and laugh… I did not see this activity as sinful. By ridiculing them I will try to present myself as better than them. This was a game of pride. In particular, I use to mimic the religious people, the born again Spirit filled Christians. To me, they look crazy, weird, clownish, stupid and confused. They were an easy prey. They could not defend themselves well. When I ask them why do they pray so loud, why do they weep, why do they sing off key like the drunkards? They will say that it is because the Holy Spirit ‘pushes’ them to do so. That was very funny to me and the mocking continued…

This was my life until I became saved. I repented of my sins. I came to the Cross and I gave my life to Christ. Then the Holy Spirit filled me. From that moment on, I became ‘worst’ than the people I use to mock in the past. Right now I am technically drunk in the Holy Ghost. You may mock my religion, my accent, my fashion style, my body or my singing. I understand… I do not judge you… But try to look beyond my ‘foolishness’ and see the reality of my Savior who indeed has changed my life. Since Christ has come into my heart and filled me with His Spirit I lost all my fears, all my inferiority complexes, all my doubts and all my wicked ‘social skills’. I am now at peace with God, with myself and with others. The wine of the Holy Spirit is sweet to my soul. I forgot the taste of bitter poisonous pride and struggle for fame. I know for sure that I have eternal life. The mockery of others does not disturb me. It cannot frustrate my hope for the future, for it is rooted in eternal glory. It cannot hinder my efforts to worship, to minister to the Lord or to preach to sinners. Mocking me shall fail for I cannot be discouraged by men or devils anymore. This is my secret power. I am filled with the Holy Ghost! Today, I share my secret with you not to mock me, but to join me in this holy adventure. For the pleasures of God are real, pure, sweet and strong! They are more precious than this whole world! Come to Jesus! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Jesus is Lord!


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