“The enemy said, ‘I will pursue,
I will overtake,
I will divide the spoil;
My desire shall be satisfied on them.
I will draw my sword,
My hand shall destroy them.’
But God, You blew with Your wind
The sea covered them
They sank like lead in the mighty waters.
“Who is like You, O Lord, among the gods, who is like You, glorious in holiness, Fearful in praises, doing wonders” (Ex 15:8-11)

We just finished our Saturday evening prophetic prayer meeting. It was very good. The anointing of victory was upon us. Holy courage was imparted in us. What I mean by ‘very good’ is that from the beginning to the end the Holy Spirit was in charge, directing our path, encouraging us to believe for grater things and to move forward. In the presence of the Holy Spirit there is fullness of joy and an unending supply of supernatural encouragement. We started praying and praising God. Suddenly my eyes opened in the Spirit and I saw a vision connected with us. We were a group of believers running. Another group of people, mean looking, like ‘area boys’ or gang men, were pursuing us with weapons, like machetes. We the believers were running together. Then all of us arrived at a airport and a plane was waiting for us. We all entered the plane. The engine was on. After the last brother entered in, the pilot closed the doors. The plane started moving towards the runway to take off. Suddenly, the evil men invaded the airport trying to stop the plane. But they failed. They were totally disappointed and defeated.They started fighting against one other. Then some cursed us and did some incantations to their gods to crash the plane.

In the plane we started singing praises to God for the mighty deliverance. But as the plane was going higher it suddenly entered a thick black cloud. The plane was shaking badly. Our praises stopped. Fear started to creep among the brethren. Some began thinking about going back. Doubt about the journey started rising in some hearts. But if we go back, we shall fall into the trap of the wicked men. We had a choice to make. We needed to be together in this for the plane cannot stop for some few. The unity of the Spirit was necessary for the deliverance of all.

I asked them: ‘Brethren, what do we do? If we tell the pilot to turn back we shall fall into the hands of our human enemies. They have no mercy on us. But if we trust God to pass thru this darkness, to defeat this spiritual enemy, then we shall arrive safely to the other side, the place of breakthrough and victory. Is anybody here ready to go back? Do you want to go back to sickness, to poverty and to oppression? Do you want to betray your success? If your answer is yes, put up your hand’ … Nobody did so… ‘But if you are ready to trust God this evening to carry us on Eagles’ wings, to the other side of the darkness, where the sun shines and there is no storm at all, to the place of shalom and victory, stand up and pray!’

Everybody, adults and children stood up and prayed. We rejected the demons of fear, of backsliding, of doubt, of empty religion, of confusion and of failure! We asked the Holy Spirit to fill us afresh. We started confessing by faith that victory and breakthrough in Christ is ours! We started praising God for the mighty deliverance from both human and spiritual enemies! We praised God even for the trial, for the dark cloud, for because of it, when looking back, we did not see the enemies again! As we were praising God with singing and dancing, a strong smell of burnt wire came into the hall. Some brethren looked for the source of the smell but they were not sure from where it was coming from. I asked them: ‘This is a smell of burning. We do not know from where it is coming from. What do we do? Shall will stop the prayer meeting and run away or continue to praise God! Everybody said we shall praise God even more! The praises increased! We declared that our enemies, both physical and spiritual, have been totally defeated! They fell into the sea of judgment like heavy lead! There is no peace for the wicked! God is with us! Jesus has never failed any battle! Inside the ‘plane of the Holy Ghost’ like the Ark of Noah, there is rejoicing and overflowing praise! Glory!

It is always wonderful to be in the presence of our God. I pity the Christians who only attend Sunday services. Congregational prayer and intercession is always very healthy and uplifting to the soul. To pray is hard, I know. But the reward is much greater than the labor! The gain cannot be described. The spiritual profit multiplies itself. You learn more in one hour under the anointing of the Holy Spirit than one year of going to Bible school (I am not condemning Bible schools, please…). This evening we declare that in Christ, trouble became testimony! Fear became faith! Doubt melted and became dancing for God!

At the end, the Holy Spirit eagle softly deposited us on the platform of greater grace. We landed to earth loaded with great spiritual benefits and blessings untold. Overwhelmed by the goodness of God, we knelt down and thanked God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for making these things real to us, for the progress, for the protection, for the privilege to partake in His victory and for the manifested gain of the Cross in our lives! Hallelujah Hosanna! Thank You Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

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