‘May you live to enjoy your grandchildren…’ (Ps 128:6; NLT)
Yesterday my husband and I had a sweet time with our oldest grandson, Alex. He is 18. He is a fine young man! He has gotten admission into the university of Houston to read mechanical engineering. He now lives in the campus. Before going to school he worked for a pizza restaurant to make some extra money. During holidays he comes home and works some more. Yesterday he came to meet with his grandparents. I was immediately impressed with his attitude and his words. Before now he had a big ‘Afro’ hair style like many of his friends in school. As a teenager he was influenced by his friends. This is almost ‘normal’. But yesterday we saw him looking clean, with a low hair cut. His mother told us that on his own he went to the barber saloon and asked for a low hair cut. He said that now that he is in the university he wants to give the best impression to the teachers and colleagues. He was dressed with jeans and tee shirt, but very clean looking. He spoke calmly and wisely. I was just looking at him and was very proud to be his grandma. He was telling me that in school many of his colleges go to parties ‘back to back’. That these partying young men mock him for staying in his room and ‘reading too much’. He told them that the reason why he came to the university is to pass his exams and graduate with honors. That if he wanted to party he did not need to go to university. He could have taken a job in a night club where he will be paid to party. I was truly impressed by his words. In this world, in America in particular, the temptation for young men and women to become wild and wayward is very high. But Alex proved to be a humble, wise, focused and disciplined young man. He clearly has a good foundation a a good spirit! I give God all the glory for his life! I also thank God for his parents! To have a good child is a great achievement no matter where you live on this world.

This testimony is meant to encourage all parents to continue to pray, help, discipline and encourage their children. To be a parent is never easy. Never give up on your children or your grandchildren! God loves you and God loves them! This is my prayer this morning: May the prodigals come home! May the grades of your children improve! May the attitude of your children be better! May they make you proud! To the glory of God! In Jesus’ name, amen!

(In the picture, Alex)

Malia and Alex!

One comment on “I AM A BLESSED GRANDMA! 

  1. Wonderful testimony! Very handsome grandson. ❤️❤️

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