“While I was among the exiles by the River Kebar, the heavens opened and I saw visions of God” (Ez 1:1)
The prayer meeting started slowly but surely. The expectation was building… The brethren were hungry but too shy to ask for food. The angels shared from their portions of heavenly bread. ‘Down at Your feet Oh, Lord is the most high place, in Your presence I seek Your face, I seek Your face…I live to worship You’… I came to test the waters… the engine of the anointing plane was on… faith was rising… we waited… and we waited… for the Lord to come, to sing over us… we prayed in ‘waiting tongues’… and waited some more… young people are impatient… waiting is hard for them… but no matter how hungry or how needy we are, we cannot afford to go before the Lord…
The Lord spoke: ‘I saved you, not by money, not by effort, not by might or by power… I saved you by the power of My Love!’… The agape love of God manifested… the fear of God descended… we cannot preach without the oil of joy… suddenly Doctor Jesus came in and there was healing in the house… The Balm of Gilead was applied, to every wound, every puncture, to stop every leakage… Scars were beatified… Doctor Jesus healed hearts, marriages, lives… How can you work for 100 Naira and lose 50 Naira? This is not good! Accounts were balanced … Worship the Lord who paid the debt of your sin! From now on, money shall meet money and none shall be lost… the account shall manifest increase and no loss shall be reported… I am not a failure! Love never fails! This is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit… The joy of the Lord is our strength…

The peace that passeth all understanding was supplied… Passeth! Passeth! There are levels of peace… good men can give you some peace in the home, in the office… but only Jesus can give you the peace that passeth all understanding… it cannot be explained; it cannot be borrowed; human language cannot describe it, no poem can define it… it is beyond and above all others… Finally, the plane, after running on the runway….the Holy Ghost takes off…. And flies… ‘I brought you to Myself on eagles’ wings!’…. Surrounded by mercy, filled by Your Spirit and empowered by love, I feel good… This is the moment we have been waiting for… I see the Lord, I see the Lord, exalted high above Effurun and of the people of the earth….For my eyes have seen the King and I worshipped at His feet… Majesty on high… Jesus You reign forevermore! Forevermore!! How long? Forevermore!!!! Glory!!!!

FH 7-2

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