“I am the Lord! In its time, I will do this SWIFTLY!” (Is 60: 22)
There is acceleration in the Spirit Realm. God is moving and things change fast. There is reward for the humble and faithful.

In Christ I declare: 
This is the last night I will sleep in poverty and sorrow. Tomorrow I will move to another LEVEL, to another PLACE. This is the last time that I see the moon’s light from between the bars of iron. I will never have to envy another. My natural gifts are redeemed and changed into that which pleases the Spirit. I will never feel like a visitor on this planet for it belongs to me and my descendants. I believe it! All things are mine in Christ. My Father in Heaven has (re-) planted me; watered me with His Word; touched me with the breeze of His Spirit, so that I may learn to sing, to respond to His calling, to appreciate the stillness and power of His presence… There is a fragrance of revival… There is the sound of increase of that which is holy… God is working… God is planting… None can stop it. All the glory to Jehovah!
In Jesus’ name,

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