‘You saved the best until now’ (Jn 2: 10)
All marriages, no matter how strong, will eventually ‘finish’ their wine of joy and passion and end up ‘dry’: no hatred, no love, just ‘water- surviving’ arrangement. There is a moment when you discover that all the love has been exhausted on daily errands and routine of life. There is a moment when fear will grip the heart that your secret failure will become public display; ‘They have no more wine…’
That place of loneliness and shame is the moment for the true friend to step in and help. The best marriage counselors are not found seated at the table waiting to be served. They are found in the background among the servants who know the secret of brewing the miracle of supernatural love that never dies. Once you taste from the latter wine, once you allow God to love your spouse through your heart, your marriage will receive the stamp of heaven and will survive even death. Never forget the power of the latter rain! That is where the glory dwells!
In Christ I declare:
My marriage belongs to God! Jesus is the Lord of my marriage, the Red Cord that can never be broken! I will never lose hope in my marriage for my spouse is a gift from God and God never makes mistakes! My marriage shall last until death will ‘part’ us! Nothing else will be able to destroy it before death! I hate divorce! Like wine, my marriage shall be better as we get older! Holy romance shall always bubble in my marriage! The best is yet to come!
In Jesus’ name,
(In the picture, my husband and I, married for 44 years, drinking from the latter rain wine)
R and L 2

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